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About Paack

Paack’s mission

‘You schedule, we deliver.’ 

Paack offers time slot-scheduled deliveries, that you control. 

Supported by an ever-expanding electric and carbon net zero distribution network in the UK, Paack is committed to driving meaningful change in the logistics sector, by making convenient and sustainable delivery experiences the new standard.

Where does Paack currently operate?

You can find Paack in over 50 European cities, as we continue to grow across the continent. 

For our current operations list please check our website

Paack’s response to Covid-19

Paack is adopting extra precautionary measures when delivering in order to keep parcel recipients both safe and reassured.

If you have a specific instruction regarding your delivery, please indicate this when placing your order.

Paack is also taking all the necessary measures to keep our team protected and feel comfortable in the workplace.

How is Paack contributing to reducing my carbon footprint?

Paack is the first UK logistics business to sign the UNFCCC (United Nations pledge for carbon neutrality) : 'Climate Neutral Now!'

We are already delivering all parcels in the UK at carbon net zero, and operate one of the biggest electric vehicle distribution networks, as we continue our mission to make environmentally friendly deliveries the new standard for the world's best retailers and their customers.

How can I select Paack for my deliveries?

Paack is working alongside some of the world's best retailers.

You can find the extensive list of our partners in our website.

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