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Status of my order

How can I track my delivery?

You can track your parcel and check the status in real time via the tracking link received upon dispatch or on our website directly.

You will need your tracking number and the delivery postcode.

Where is my order?

Upon dispatch, you will receive a tracking link from Paack to follow your delivery.

If the first delivery attempt is unsuccessful, we will either re-attempt on another day or leave your parcel with the closest available neighbour, unless previously instructed not to do so. 

If you have not yet received confirmation that your parcel has been dispatched, we suggest you to contact the retailer for more information.

After several delivery attempts, if we have been unable to deliver your parcel, it will be returned to the retailer.

How will I know when my parcel is nearby?

The delivery window for your parcel can be found on the tracking page.

You will need your tracking number and the delivery postcode in order to check it.

When you are the next delivery on the driver’s route, you will receive a notification to confirm that your parcel is arriving shortly, and you will also be able to follow the order with our geolocalization system.

Why didn’t I receive a paper delivery note?

At Paack, we prioritize doing things in an eco-conscious way.

In addition to operating one of the biggest and fastest growing electric vehicle networks in the UK, we are proud participants of a number of reforestation projects and ensure that all delivery notes and tracking activities are logged digitally instead of using paper. 

If you are unable to locate your parcel once it has been delivered, or unable to find your tracking information, your retailer will have access to all delivery information relating to your order including any photos of where it has been delivered.

Why has the delivery address on the tracking changed?

If the delivery address on the tracking has changed after several unsuccessful attempts, this is because the parcel has been rerouted back to the retailer.

In this case, it is advised to liaise with the retailer directly as Paack may no longer be in possession of your parcel.

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